Saturday, November 07, 2009

The morning after…

…the big double-drop at King County Records & Elections, Shoreline City Council candidate Shari Tracey's still holding on to 51% and a fraction. It was a lead too small to call just a day or two ago, but I'm satisfied that she's going to unseat incumbent Cindy Ryu. There's about a 44% turnout based on the votes already counted, and I don't imagine that's going to change by more than a point or two as late ballots are counted (I understand that everything on hand has been reported.)

That means from top to bottom, there were only two races that came out differently than my ballot. For Port Commission, Tom Albro defeated Max Vecich, not the ideal outcome but hardly as awful as it would have been had Rob Holland lost to the conservative ideologue David Doud. My nostalgic pick for County Assessor, Gene Lux, finished fifth in a field of five, but that wasn't a surprise and I felt perfectly comfortable with either of the front runners, Lloyd Hara and Bob Rosenberger, who had split Democratic endorsements and ultimately over 60% of the vote between them. Lloyd, a fixture in Democratic politics for decades, won, and that's fine.

Other than that, though, I called 'em all. I can't remember being so satisfied with an overall election outcome. Good on all y'all who voted the right way.

And they finally seem to have straightened out the mayoral mess in the big city down south. Good on them, too.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You claim to be pro-labor, yet Tracey only received one union endorsement due to her husband's membership in one union AND she wasn't endorsed by the Democrats even though she tried to go to the King County Democrats after being turned down at the district level.

You profess to be a former 32nd District Chair, you know the rules - if the District turns you down, then the County isn't going to endorse you. But she was seen and heard downtown for her county interview (Tracey, that is). And Ryu had more union endorsements - hey, I thought the Upper Left was a pro-union guy, but I guess not, unless they drink at his bar and leave him a big tip.

I have a question for you: did you know that Rich Gustafson called up Cleanscapes and demanded a $1,000 donation in June for Shari Tracey and when he didn't get one started this monkey business about recusal? Cindy Ryu never needed to recuse herself since the only time in the past year that Cleanscapes was discussed at the Shoreline City Council it was at a STUDY SESSION - NO VOTE WAS TAKEN.

And Cindy Ryu NEVER had to rezone her property - she bought a RB-zoned property at the highest price, it was Keith McGlashan who had to rezone his property THREE times. If he and Matthew can't build their new salon, it's because their sugar daddy Jim Abbott can't afford it right now.

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