Thursday, October 29, 2009


Logging in from the internet cafe down the road while we take a brief hiatus from phone service at Upper Left World Headquarters (yep, things have been that dire.) My fifteen free minutes with a cup of coffee is running out, but on Shoreline City Council, I'm voting for:
Position 1: Keith McGlashan

Position 2: Will Hall

Position 3: Shari Tracey

Position 4: Chris Roberts
My brilliant rationale for each of these choices will have to wait. Oh, yeah, and Debi Ehrlichman for school board.

Oops, the timer...see ya! Put that ballot in the mail!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Full disclosure would have had you declared who your regular drinking customers were at the bar that employs you and those customers who put tips into your jar, wouldn't it?

But that might be too much to ask?

1:32 AM  

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