Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Like déjà vu all over again.

While I was basking in the glow of the suddenly departed great yellow orb, the deck chairs were being arranged for upcoming elections. It seems like everybody wants to be the Comeback Kid.

Down Olympia way, Denny Heck is gearing up to run in whichever Congressional district reapportionment puts him in. It's likely to be more favorable to him than the old 4th proved to be last time around, but if it's particularly more attractive to a Democratic candidate, there might be more than a couple of contenders.

When last seen, Laura Ruderman gave up her legislative seat for a statewide run for Secretary of State. She was one of the most credible candidates Democrats have put on the ballot for that office in recent years, but couldn't break the stranglehold Republicans seem to have established there. Now, if Jay Inslee gives up the seat for the Governor's race, she'll take a run at the 1st Congressional District. Living on the border of the 1st and 7th, I'm susceptible to redistricting and that may be the contest to determine my own personal future Congressman.

Of course, I'm perfectly happy with Jim McDermott as my Congressman, would just as soon see Jay stay put and build clout and, after the debacle of the Gregoire years, wouldn't mind if they'd just shutter the Governor's office for a few terms, but I suspect Laura's more likely to get her wish than I am to get mine. Just let me keep Jim, OK?

Locally, former Councilmember Janet Way is seeking to return to the Shoreline City Council. An advocate for both environmental and historic restoration and preservation in our community, Janet's also a friend and fellow blogger. She's a Democratic Party activist, too, and should find some institutional support from that direction (Our city government is officially non-partisan, but, like our big southern neighbor, uni-partisan's likely a better description.) The seat she's seeking this time is currently held by Doris McConnell, but the field's never defined till filing is closed. This could be one of the more interesting contests in our city's relatively short but spirited election history.

Meanwhile, it's filing week for a variety of local offices, which usually provides a few spills and thrills for political junkies. I'm off in search of news...

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Blogger Janet Way said...

Hi Shaun, Thanks for the mention. I'm happy to report that I DID get the endorsement of 32nd LD Dems last night. Onward!

7:21 AM  

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