Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Speaking of lists…

…recycled Republican candidate Dino Rossi's got himself on one, too. CREW's 2010 "Crooked Candidates" is pretty exclusive, with only eleven on the list and not just any eleven. As CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan explains, "…these 11 candidates represent the bottom of the barrel." A look at Dino's award citation, though, quickly proves he deserves the distinction.

The list, unranked and alphabetical…
· Roy Blunt (R) U.S. Senate, MO
· Charlie Crist (I) U.S. Senate, FL
· Jeff Denham (R) U.S. House, CA
· Alvin Greene (D) U.S. Senate, SC
· Timothy Griffin (R) U.S. House, AR
· J.D. Hayworth (R) U.S. Senate, AZ
· Ed Martin (R) U.S. House, MO
· Kendrick Meek (D) U.S. Senate, FL
· Dino Rossi (R) U.S. Senate, WA
· Marco Rubio (R) U.S. Senate, FL
· Allen West (R) U.S. House, FL
Any congratulations due are actually Patty's to claim, I suppose.

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