Thursday, July 29, 2010

Couldn't happen to a nicer Party.

Well, they're not actually nice at all, of course, but Republican Tea Party is headed off the rails. For example...
Roy Blunt is birther-curious.
Roy Blunt says maybe the government "should have never have gotten in the health care business" with Medicare and Medicaid.
Roy Blunt used a parable to compare President Obama and other Democrats in Washington to monkeys.
Roy Blunt wants to repeal health care reform.
Roy Blunt is not conservative enough for his state's teabaggers.
Even Michele Bachmann doesn't pass the Tea Party test in Missouri. The Republicans have been exploiting fear and selling crazy for decades and it's finally catching up. That's one of the reasons I've avoided hitting the panic button despite the dire predictions for Democrats hither and yon.

I expect Blunt will be the Republican nominee, but will the RTP'ers throw up a challenge or sit on their hands come election day? Either's a possibility, one or the other is, I think, likely. How many places will this play out. Here in the upper left, will Clint Didier and the Palinites come home to Dino?

I can't wait until November. Our prospects look better every day.

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