Friday, June 25, 2010

It almost sounds reasonable.

After all Dino Rossi's hit the high 40s with a statewide electorate before, so the new Rasmussen numbers showing him tied with Patty Murray at 47% might seem improbable, but are, on the surface, plausible.

Rasmussen didn't stop there, though. They polled two other names against Patty, Republicans Clint Didier and Paul Akers, who came in at 40 and 38% repectively against 48% for Murray.

Please. His NFL experience on the other coast and the former half-term Governor of Alaska's enthusiasm notwithstanding, you won't find 40% of Washingtonians who can ID Clint Didier. I doubt if 8%, let alone 38, have any clue who Paul Akers is.

If they hadn't gone deeper than Murray-Rossi, you could almost say "Yeah, I could believe that." At second glance, if Dino can only drum up 47% from a sample so riddled with "anybody but Murray" voters that Didier and Akers come off looking competetive, Patty might beat him worse than I dare imagine.

Yep, it almost sounds reasonable.

Until you remember it's Rasmussen.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

As incumbents, of both parties across the land, are tarred and feathered - figuratively speaking - because the economy continues to be a work in progress, and jobs lag behind figures such as auto sales or concepts such as "productivity," it's hard to say what will happen to Senator Murray - at least in terms of polling. Moreover, it's really not inconceivable that she could lose the general election.

That's as long as whomever her opponent is, doesn't pull some goofy trick out of the hat, such as Rod Chandler did, back in 1992. What was the man thinking when he sang that old Roger Miller tune, "Dang me"?

11:06 PM  

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