Wednesday, November 04, 2009

On the statewide side…

the results range from excellent to encouraging. Tim Eyman's I-1033 didn't lose everywhere, but it lost pretty much everywhere the people are, whether the people in question are Puget Sound liberals or Palouse wheat farmers. Folks who grow hops and grapes seem to be pretty much over Eyman, as well. Here's the map. The good guys (No voters) are in yellow...

Things are a bit dicier for R-71, and the geographic spread is a lot smaller. Seems like those wheat farmers don't like gay folks any more than they like Tim Eyman. The measure is clinging to about a 2 point lead right now, but the geographic concentration of the Yes vote is a source of encouragement, since the largest portion of outstanding votes comes from the good guy region, this time in green…

Most of the commentary I've seen seems to expect the final count to widen the margin of victory and provide a measure of increased protection for domestic partnerships. I think so too, but I'd sure like to see another big drop from King County before I pop the corks for this one.

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