Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Dawgs lost, the Hawks lost...

...even my fantasy team took it's first defeat this week. Compound that with 11 hours on duty at the perfect tavern, and I hit the door feeling pretty weary tonight. Right now, though, I feel pretty good.

I fired up the 'puter to check on the totality of my fantasy defeat (my opponent started Brady this week. I suck.) and found a PayPal reciept and a request for my snail address in my email. Damn, that feels good.

I won't say it's not the money - I really need the money - but it's not only that. Not by a long shot. It's enourmously gratifying that there's a community of readers that extends from coast to coast (thought there's a notable Northwest concentration) who value what I do here enough to reward it with some of their hard-earned.

The financial crisis at Upper Left World Headquarters hasn't been completely averted, so if you can join in by pitching in, here's the PayPal link again, or email me for the postal alternative.

And thanks again to all y'all who've been so generous. I thought it was humbling to ask, but it's even more so to recieve.

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