Monday, July 02, 2012

It's nice, I suppose...

...that anyone out there notices anything that happens up here at all, and the fundraising value is not to be underrated, but I wonder if Markos' endorsement will bring Darcy Burner a single vote she hasn't already locked down in the newly configured 1st CD.

On the down side, it's fodder for the folks who are pushing the line that Darcy's to far left for the newly configured 1st CD. It's fairly considered a swing district, but that doesn't necessarily equate to a moderate electorate. It's probably as polarized a populace as we've got in the state, with union towns and evangelical farming communities, Tea Partiers and Occupiers, intra-party contests and divisions on both sides of the idealogical fence. The Republican candidate will be definitively partisan and idealogical. There's no reason for the Democratic candidate to be less so.

Darcy's already strong, if not the clear favorite. among rank and file Democratic activists and liberal independents, more because, I think, than despite her willingness to ruffle feathers at the State Party office and identify so strongly with the leftward territory of blogtopia (™ Skippy). In other words, she's been doing just fine with the constituency she shares with Mr. Moulitas, so this looks like an endorsement that's worth exactly what she can raise off of it.

I hope it's a lot. Despite my record of supporting Darcy's previous races, I'm still agnostic on the crowded primary up north. I don't have a vote, so for now I'm mostly holding my voice. Just the same, it's important that the most identifiably liberal voice in the field has the resources to be heard by folks who don't read blogs.

Do I seem to betray a bias there? Hey, I said agnostic, not disinterested...

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