Saturday, June 09, 2012

Good question...

...from Steve M....
Can the GOP win the Presidency with two Vice Presidential candidates on the ticket?
I'm dubious myself, to a pretty extreme degree, but it sure looks like they're gonna try.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Bob Kerrey is trying to get back into the Senate, by running for a open seat in his old home state of Nebraska. Having just read an excellent piece on him in the New York Times Sunday magazine (June 10) on-line, one is reminded of what a real presidential candidate, a statesman, is like.

When asked about the sad circumstances of the mission during the Vietnam war that earned him a Congressional Medal of Honor, he told the writer of the piece, "I have a duty to serve" and he meant it.

What was - is - President Obama's motivation? It seems somewhat similar to that of Mitt Romney: trying to settle some sort of psychic score with his late father. The country needs more than someone working through the angst of a morality play.

We need, even demand, leadership at the level of statesmanship. Admittedly, that's hard to find, these days.

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