Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A plea...

...from The General...
Please write Lowes, today, and ask them to stop exposing our children to Arabic Islamonumbers.

Here's a sample letter:
Dear Lowes,

We're not fooled by your paternalistic attempt to silence our righteous whining by pulling ads from the teevee show, "All-American Muslim." You are still exposing our children to the Islamuninistoprog agenda through your use of Arabic numbers in your pricing and measurement systems.

We demand that you cease using these Islamonumbers immediately and replace them with good, old fashioned, American Roman numerals.

The change should not be difficult to make. For example, you'd simply change something currently priced at $1,783.84 to $MDCCLXXXIII.LXXXIV. Nothing to it.

Please make the change immediately. We're watching you.

Heterosexually yours,

[Your Name]
Here's Lowe's email address,, and phone number, 1-800-445-6937. Get 'er done.
Saddle up, troopers!

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