Thursday, December 29, 2011

From the "Just the facts, ma'am" file.

Ron Paul by the numbers, via Progressive Punch. His lifetime voting record on:
Aid to Less Advantaged People, at Home & Abroad is 13.40 percent progressive
Corporate Subsidies 31.18 percent
Education, Humanities, & the Arts 13.19 percent
Environment 11.35 percent
Fair Taxation 9.01 percent
Government Checks on Corporate Power 15.16 percent
Health Care 12.62 percent
Housing 6.10 percent
Labor Rights 13.51 percent
Making Government Work for Everyone, Not Just the Rich or Powerful 15.88 percent
Human Rights & Civil Liberties 33.66 percent progressive
Justice for All: Civil and Criminal 30.71 percent
War & Peace 47.92 percent
Hat tip to Kenneth Quinnell at Crooks & Liars, who notes that "Even on the issues he's supposed to be good on, his record is mediocre."

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