Tuesday, November 22, 2011

From the "Why not Washington?" file.

Good news from the lower upper left...
Calling the system "compromised and inequitable," Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber has stopped executions in the state during his tenure.
Our governor's a lame duck already, so there's no political cost and great human gain to be had following Kitzhaber's example, which begs the question, why not Washington?

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Maybe because enough of us remember Charles R. Campbell who was such a cocky sort, that he once flipped off a television cameraman. Of course, he's most remembered for getting out on work release, and killing the woman who had testified against him, her neighbor and the neighbor's grand-daughter.

Since January of 1993, only five people have been executed in Washington state, one of them being Campbell. The last was Cal Brown, whom if memory serves, abducted a young woman down by the Sea-Tac Airport, repeatedly raped and tortured her to death, and then stuffed her into the trunk of her car. Supporting such people, all their lives, in times such as these, is indefensible.

Washington state isn't Texas. Anyone accused of murder here, gets a good defense; there is no rush to judgement.

The law should stand as it is. If Governor Gregoire ended the death penalty in this state, she probably knows she'd be helping Rob McKenna - a lot.

Full disclosure: I knew Ed McMichael, aka the Tuba Man and lived in Los Angeles during the Manson murders.

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