Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Possibly the most under-rated decision we make…

…in King County is who will serve on our Port Commission. The Port's most visible symbol is probably the massive container cranes on the south end of Elliot Bay, but it's reach extends to the operation of Sea-Tac International Airport and what's fast becoming one of the busiest cruise ship terminals on the west coast. It's doubtless the largest economic driver in the region, and King County voters are charged with electing Commissioners to protect the public interest in its operations. It's no small thing. Happily, the choices are nearly as easy as the Director of Elections race.

Gael Tarleton was elected four years ago, attracting a broad coalition of support including Democrats and labor with her call for reform at the Port. She's kept the faith and her friends during her first term and deserves another. Her opponent is a perennial candidate with the usual anti-tax axe to grind. I'm voting for Gael.

Dean Willard gives us the chance to strengthen the reform movement Gael has spearheaded. I endorsed Dean in the primary election and I'm standing by him with my general election vote.

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