Monday, August 29, 2011

Republican Round-Up

Bachmann's mean.

Cantor? Maybe meaner.

Paul could be the meanest of all.

Rick Perry - stupid or liar? Or stupid liar?

Should I care about John Huntsman? Why?

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

John Huntsman probably should've switched parties. He'd have done better. That's based on personal experience, listening to people who voted for the president who are "very disappointed" or just grimace at his name.

As for Congressman Paul, maybe he was just commenting on the fact that the last time people depended on FEMA, they did as well depending on the National Guard, the ASPCA and HSUS (the last two for their help with companion animals). Or maybe indeed, he occasionally pushes the belief in that old "friends-and-neighbors will provide" maxim, too far.

As for the rest of them, nobody knows for sure.

11:39 PM  

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