Thursday, June 16, 2011

Well, hi there!

The problem with blogging is you need a computer. The problem with computers is…well, you know the problem with computers or you wouldn't be able to read this. The immediate problems with mine being more or less resolved for the moment, there's a bit of news backlog.

Anthony Weiner, whose personal life I care not a bit about and whose performance in Congress was a mixed bag, has resigned.

To his credit, he could dissect a Republican talking point (and the occasional Republican) with emotionally satisfying vigor, but that was also a manifestation of a tendency to grandstand. He shirked his D-Trip dues and his lack of team play left him without much of a team to fall back on when he needed one. When you don't get on the bus, you risk ending up under it.

I'm not among those disappointed that he's gone. Sure, David Vitter should be gone for his criminal conduct, but the comparison fails because Weiner isn't, so far as the reports relate, a criminal. He is, rather, an idiot.

I don't think criminals belong in Congress, but it doesn't hurt to reduce the idiot count a bit. The seat is safely Democratic, and there's likely better than Anthony Weiner on the bench.

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