Friday, May 13, 2011

Stuff I learned on the internet…

…but should have known anyway. James Alm of Tulane University and Janet Rogers of the Nevada Department of Budget and Planning studied fifty years of data and concluded
”Having a Republican governor is associated with lower rates of growth."
When you remember that real economic growth at the state level is largely driven by a small business sector that the Republican Party has never had a legitimate concern for, it's hardly a surprise, but the documentation is worth noting.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

When Gary Johnson was governor of New Mexico, not only was the budget balanced for that state, but from what one hears tell, small business was doing all right, too. Granted, New Mexico isn't California or Michigan, the former a state with a population and economy that would make it the equal of many small nations around the globe; or the latter, which used to, and still does to a considerable extent, have a large manufacturing base; but it does indicate that one Republican, a man who had his own contracting business before becoming governor, seemingly knew what to do.

He may be the exception that proves the rule; that may come from the fact that he was the rare politician who worked hard to get to where he is. (In college, he reportedly earned money by offering his services, as a repairman, by going door-to-door. Something a person probably couldn't do in most large American cities today.)

For what it's worth, he is also running for president, as a Republican. Gary Johnson is not the clown show of Donald Trump or born-again charlatan Newt Gingrich. He's a honorable and decent man, one who was respected even by those who were Democrats (largely for how he conducted himself when New Mexico had some wide-spread fires).

Yes, he is also a "dope-smoking Republican" (done for medicinal purposes, after a hang-gliding accident). Maybe that's we need in the next election cycle.

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