Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Politics 101

Professor Bernstein gets first things first...
One of the very first things to know about politics in the United States is how unfathomably big the nation is, and how having enough people agree with you to pack a room doesn't actually mean much, as far as political impact is concerned.
As a veteran of innumerable packed rooms of little or no ultimate consequence, I can confirm this insight empirically.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

It goes beyond just a packed room. As someone who remembers when Michael Dukakis was illuminated by a spotlight, with the Neil Diamond song,"Coming to America," playing, while he walked to a stage at the Pike Place Market, shortly before the November election of 1988, I concur with Shaun.

Thousands had turned out that night - in Seattle, a "blue" state so called - and it seemed, only seemed, that maybe he'd defeat George Herbert Walker Bush. There was indeed almost an electrical current that went through the crowd, despite the typical northwest cold and damp. Michael Dukakis himself, not given to open enthusiasm, seemed energized and filled with hope as to his chances.

But when the votes were counted - that election seemed legit - the late Lee Atwater's smear campaign against a decent man had worked.

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