Wednesday, May 04, 2011

From the "Me neither" file.

Paul Krugman...
Well, remember how the Ryan budget was supposed to mark our national moment of truth, forcing us into a serious discussion of fiscal choices? Neither do I.
Me neither.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

If Congressman Ryan had been courageous enough to propose trimming the budget of the Department of Defense, or any of the various branches of the American military, then perhaps those of independent minds, would have been willing (perhaps) to say, "OK, let's consider 'sharing the pain.' "

Of course, given the jingoistic nonsense, that permeates the Republican party, and the various defense contracts that are bread and butter to both major parties, no one wanted to bring that up; well, no one save for a few members of the U.S. House of Representatives - such as the four Republicans who voted against what Congressman Ryan proposed.

Then too, the armed services have, in the midst of an economy that wavers like an airplane ready to stall out, become a major jobs program. In the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle, on telephone poles visible to the teenagers and young adults catching the #41, #75, #347 or #348, a flyer pitches "culinary jobs." Upon closer inspection, it's an advertisement for joining the Army and learning how to be a cook.

The chow halls of any military base are a fairly decent place to learn the art of cooking. Full disclosure: this is based on personal experience at the former National Parachute Test Range in El Centro, California, now NAS (Naval Air Station), El Centro.

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