Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Señor Hannity?

Jason Easley...
Interestingly Sean Hannity claims to have been born in 1961, and he wants us to assume that he was born in the United States, but I can find no copy of Sean Hannity’s birth certificate anywhere on the Internet. Sean Hannity’s Fox News bio makes no mention of when of where he was born. Hannity claims to have grown up in New York state, but as we know illegal immigrants flood into New York on a daily basis.
Donald Trump is trying to conceal the fact that he was never born...
Glass houses and all that.

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Blogger Jay said...

Good thing hannity isn't running for a political office....or joining the military. Almost everybody doing those things have to produce one.

unless...of happen to have good kool aid

10:03 AM  

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