Friday, February 04, 2011

It's here!

Blogroll Amnesty Day, extended this year to Blogroll Amnesty Weekend in in honor of one of it's founding fathers, the late and genuinely great Jon Swift, AKA Al Weisel, is a time to pause in our correction of all that is wrong on the internet in order to recognize some of what is right. The general idea is to link to five blogs that are lower in traffic than the linker's blog. I'm not sure all of mine qualify, because I really haven't taken the time to research their traffic and, frankly, given the multiplicity of feed readers and aggregators and the typical inaccuracy of traffic trackers (I use three for different information, and there are significant daily differences between them), I don't really know what my traffic is.

So, statistics aside, here are five blogs I check in on regularly that are active, independent, mostly solo, sometimes local and always worthwhile…


Dallas Taylor writes this one from somewhere in the upper left, and it's a place I often find local and national stories that I've missed elsewhere.

Bats Left/Throws Right

Home of the irrepressible Doghouse Riley, BL/TR is a delightful daily snark-fest. Not always safe for work, I suppose, but always good for a laugh followed by an insightful 'a-ha'.

Whatever It Is I'm Against It

WIIIAI has been against it since he commenced it, 'it' being a regular barrage of outrage aimed at a broad range of ideas and individuals that inspire his ire.

Truth Surfer

Truth Liberty Justice teams up with mnsky for this regular report from Minnesota, which I like to think of as the upper left east. Coffee, Norwegians and a tendency toward courtesy, they're just like us with more snow. And Michelle Bachmann.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Tom Harper writes from the shadow of the Olympic Mountains, one of my childhood homes and still a favorite get-away destination. He seems to be able to see everything worth seeing from there, though, and covers a wide range of issues with a distinctive perspective.
Click over and bang around any of these sights and you'll be sure to find something to enrage, delight or inform you.

A grateful hat tip to Blue Gal and Skippy for keeping the B.A.D. light burning brightly.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

If anyone wants to read a review of the Nissan LEAF (solely powered by electricity), some hybrid auto reviews or even hard-core auto junkie material on vintage 3/4 midget racers (powered by Offy, double-overhead cam, four cylinder engines), I invite them to

Yep, there's some advertising; but I have yet to see a cent from it - literally. It's mainly there as window dressing, to ensure the blog looks akin to a .com site.

The purpose is to have a presence on the Web, to help get assignments; and to indulge one's inclinations, such as my own: auctions.

The blog hosting is free to me and other laid off journalists as part of Six Apart Media's "bailout program for journalists." I learned about the program via the New York Times, back in late 2008. It seems the head of Six Apart Media had a friend who was laid off from his print journalism job, after years of work. Said friend told the head of Six Apart Media of how print was hurting and the result was the bail-out program. As the kids say, "How cool is that?"

Six Apart Media has been merged, or acquired, with some other entity (the new name escapes me, since Six Apart Media is still what I see). Would that more companies did something for those of us struggling to keep on being creative - and pay our bills.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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