Tuesday, February 08, 2011

From the "Me neither" file.

John Amato's not happy with President Obama's gentle hand with BillO…
The Obama administration has heavily criticized FOX News before and so he had another chance to call them out for their propaganda. He chose a much softer approach this time, which is calculated at trying to win over some of their voters, as if that's possible. Does his team really believe that it is? Because I sure do not.
Regarding the latter, me neither.

Neither, though, do I think that the President's approach was calculated to win over FOX viewers. I think the approach was tailored to the forum, not calculated to attract votes, but to avoid You Tube moments showing the President in a pissing match with O'Reilly.

I've only seen the footage from the Super Bowl broadcast, but from that and what I've read of the remaining interview, it seems to me that Obama hit a successful tone, taking a position that I think he shares with most of the country, one that says "Look, Bill, we know you guys are biased. We know you have to pretend not to be. We're all in on the joke, even if we're not laughing. But, sure, you gotta right…"

It was a way of being dismissive without being contemptuous. Maybe the word is bemused. Balanced against O'Reilly's typical "Enough about me, let's talk about what you think of me" act, the President came across as graciously indulgent and presidentially reassuring.

A more biting attack on O'Reilly, who was in the role of invited guest at the White House, would have been more unseemly than the satisfaction might have merited.

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