Thursday, February 24, 2011

From the "Make it here" file.

Good news...
WASHINGTON -- The Air Force has chosen Boeing to build its new fleet of aerial refueling tankers, reversing its award three years ago to EADS in one of the most contentious procurement duels in recent history.
In case you don't speak acronym, the E stands for European. Frankly, the idea of awarding a contract for the production of American military aircraft to a foreign owned company brings out the jingo in me. Part of it's being a Seattle boy at heart, I suppose. I decided a few decades ago that Boeing made the best aircraft in the world and I've never changed my mind, even if they've changed their headquarters.

Part of it is the concern that if we can't produce the planes necessary for our defense it's tantamount to admitting that we can't defend ourselves. Maybe we can't. There's certainly a case to be made. It seems unwise, though, to admit it.

Part of it, too, is believing that maximizing American employment and conserving American capital is also part of defending America, and is therefore a proper consideration in the award of defense contracts.

At any rate, kudos to Boeing, to the Air Force and to our tireless advocate in this fight, Senator Patty Murray.

We can make it here. We should. And, thankfully, we will.

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