Friday, February 04, 2011

Everything you need to know…

…about Newt, from Jonathan Bernstein...
...outside of that no one gets presidential nominations despite having achieved nothing higher than the House of Representatives, and outside of Newt's continuing lack of popularity, and that he was pretty much chased from office because he was terrible at being Speaker, and then there's the messy personal life...put that all aside, and you're left with: he was big in the 1990s. Which is, you know, a long time ago.
His record won't stop him from covering his travel expenses with a vanity campaign, I suppose, but it's hard to see him actually winning anything.

They're Republicans, though. Who knows what they might do. If they want to offer up Newt as 2012's ritual sacrifice, bring him on. Could be almost as fun as Sarah.

Or they could team up. Hey, a Democrat can dream, can't he?

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