Friday, January 28, 2011

Light posting likely...

...despite the fact that when I left the house, the phone line was still inexplicably connected (who knows when I get back). I'm stealing a minute of time while my youngest grandson, Emmett the Amazing, naps. I'm pulling grandpa duty while mom, dad and big brother are off to the slopes for the afternoon, then I'm off to a late shift at work.

Still, I couldn't let the day pass by without noting that this is doesn't sound like the ordinary crazy we're getting used to, it's crazy, cruel and downright un-American
Tea party favorite Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., has unveiled a plan for cutting $400 billion in federal spending that includes freezing Veterans Affairs Department health care spending and cutting veterans’ disability benefits.

Her proposed VA budget cuts would account for $4.5 billion of the savings included in the plan, posted on her official House of Representatives website.
Maybe Bachmann hasn't heard there's a war on, a couple of 'em actually.

The fact that she can be described as a "Tea party favorite" should tell you everything you need to know about those folks and their agenda, too.

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