Saturday, January 29, 2011

From the "Since you asked…" file.

Gail Collins can't help but wonder...
And do we really need a new Sarah Palin? Shouldn’t the first one be made to go away before we start considering replacements?
Since you asked, no.

And yes, also.


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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Poor Tracy Morgan was the one who probably nailed the appeal of the Alaska Annie Oakley. He's been taking a lot of flack for what he said; but I remember hearing some of the young guys I worked with at the (former) Schuck's store in Shoreline (now, O'Reilly Auto Parts) say the same thing, during her time on the McCain ticket.

Sadly, politics today seems more than ever about image than substance. Blame it on television, more than the other screens we all look use, daily.

The late Marshall McLuhan, the man someone called the "oracle of the electronic age," come see it coming, back in the 1960s. It was perhaps fitting that he died, the same year that Ronald Reagan, the penultimate example of how a politician could employ television, won the White House. It was akin to Mark Twain's passing when Haley's Comet passed by the earth; as it had when the great writer was born.

If there's a President Palin - truly unnerving words - maybe we look back on Tracy Morgan and consider him more understanding of the depths to which modern politics has sunk, than anyone working at the New York Times.

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Correction to last post: First sentence, third 'graph, should be: "...the late Marshall McLuhan could see it coming..."

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Another correction, made in my haste to post: only sentence, last 'graph, to wit: "...maybe we'll look back on Tracy Morgan.."

10:43 PM  
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