Friday, December 24, 2010

To quickly recap…

…a couple of weeks ago I posted a big emotional dump about our financial straits. It was pretty raw stuff, and by the time I got back to the blog the next night I had it in mind to take it down. Before I could, though, Carl had picked it up and posted an appeal on my behalf at Horse's Ass. Andrew soon followed suit at the Advocate.

Thanks to the expanded reach their support gave me, the next few days produced about as much in donations as the last seven years of blogging have. Those contributions had an immediate effect, both financially and emotionally. They helped pay, or pay down, at least, some utility bills, avert an automotive disaster and get through a few days of our daily business. They also confirmed that I'm not just sending electrons into the ether. There's folks out there, folks that appreciate my efforts, folks that care about our welfare. You folks.

Things are some better now. We're not out of the woods yet, but with your help we've worked our way back to the path. Yesterday I was finally able to send a check to my long-suffering landlord, who has been patient beyond understanding. Of course, another one's due in just a few days, but it's one step at a time right now. With the rent paid and the heat on (neither a certainty just days ago), we're having kids and grandkids over tonight. No tree this year, no Chinese take-out buffet, no piles of packages. Just time to spend with people we love. It's arguably better this way, although it would be better yet to do it by choice, I suppose.

There are thanks aplenty to pass around. To Carl and Andrew, of course, who made my moaning meaningful with their posts of support. To all of the northwest bloggers who took notice and sent along words of encouragement or chipped in what they could. You make me feel like an appreciated peer in a community of folks I read daily and admire greatly. To all the friends of the blog and I, old and new, near and far. And, of course, especially to Joel, Stephen, Neal, Darryl, Bob, Howard, Dean, Randolph, Chad, Stevan, Carin, Rob, Richard, Jennifer, Peggy and Jaime.

I can't begin to tell ya'll what you've done for me or what it's meant to me. I suspect most of ya'll know, though. If you're just catching up to the story, here's the obligatory PayPal link one last time, this time 'round.

We're still broke, but because of you we're not broken.

Thanks again.

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