Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The story so far.

What started out as an expression of sheer frustration before being turned into a fundraiser has been rewarding for me well beyond the financial support I've received. That financial support has produced some pretty significant results around here. You've kept the car running, the phone ringing and, as of today, we've wiped out the overdraft at the bank and stopped the steady drain of continuing charges.

I'm still pitching because rent, lights and heat are still real issues for us, but we're so far beyond where we were just a few days ago that it's impossible to truly express my astonished appreciation.

The whole back story is behind the links above, but the short story is that if you think the nearly nine thousand posts I've written over the last 8+ years and the activism that has informed those posts has some value, and your circumstances allow you to chip in a bit of that value, I really need your help.

Here’s the PayPal link. Thanks for doing what you can, even if it's only taking the time to listen. That matters, too.

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