Sunday, December 19, 2010

Looking at Olympia...

...Democratic leaders in the State House have released their proposed committee assignments, and from a 32nd District point of view, I hope they get what they want. Here's what's in store for my own personal legislators...
Rep. Cindy Ryu:

Business & Financial Services
Community Development & Housing

Rep. Ruth Kagi:

Chair - Early Learning & Human Services
Health & Human Services Appropriations & Oversight
Ways & Means
Cindy's drawn some strong assignments - particularly the spots on the Rules and Transportation Committee rosters - for a new member. Ruth, long a respected leader in the caucus, retains her chairmanship and her seat on Ways & Means, AKA "the powerful Ways & Means Committee." That power is enhanced by Ways & Means absorbing the responsibilities of the disbanded Finance Committee.

"Good luck" is likely more appropriate that "congratulations," because the legislature's tasks this year will range from difficult to painful. It's some comfort, though, that my LD has sent members of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party to fight the good fight for us against some daunting odds, and that they'll be well positioned to have a strong impact on the outcome.

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