Saturday, December 11, 2010

I guess it's official.

If Carl says spilling my guts constitutes a fundraiser, it's a fundraiser.

Of course, it's not an officially official fundraiser, I suppose, until I embed a PayPal link into the body of a post. Here it is.

Thanks to all who've pitched in so far. As abject as I may feel my circumstances are, the acknowledgement that what I try to do here has some value counts for as much as the money you've been kind enough to send along.

I've said about enough about my circumstances. We got here by losing about two thirds of our household income over the last couple years. Being largely dependent on tips and commissions isn't a particularly sound foundation in a recession, we've learned.

I'm not very good at this. I've never tried to "monetize" Upper Left. I have rarely asked for donations except on behalf of campaigns. On the other hand, I've kept this up for over eight years because I think, and I've been reassured by others, that the voice of a solo blogger with my outlook and experience has value.

I hope you think so, too. Kind words, kind thoughts, and, of course, contributions all help and are all appreciated.

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