Sunday, November 14, 2010

Worth repeating…

…until we remember. brooklynbadboy offers the preamble to the 1932 Democratic National Platform for your consideration...
In this time of unprecedented economic and social distress the Democratic Party declares its conviction that the chief causes of this condition were the disastrous policies pursued by our government since the World War, of economic isolation, fostering the merger of competitive businesses into monopolies and encouraging the indefensible expansion and contraction of credit for private profit at the expense of the public.

Those who were responsible for these policies have abandoned the ideals on which the war was won and thrown away the fruits of victory, thus rejecting the greatest opportunity in history to bring peace, prosperity, and happiness to our people and to the world.

They have ruined our foreign trade; destroyed the values of our commodities and products, crippled our banking system, robbed millions of our people of their life savings, and thrown millions more out of work, produced wide-spread poverty and brought the government to a state of financial distress unprecedented in time of peace.

The only hope for improving present conditions, restoring employment, affording permanent relief to the people, and bringing the nation back to the proud position of domestic happiness and of financial, industrial, agricultural and commercial leadership in the world lies in a drastic change in economic governmental policies...
The more things change...

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Anonymous Andy D said...

"The only hope for improving present conditions...lies in a drastic change in economic governmental policies..."

If you are talking about a drastic change from where we are today, I couldn't agree more. We have got to get governmental spending under control. A cap on spending tied to GDP, a freeze on earmarks, and a permanent extension of the Bush tax cuts would be a great start. And as a conservative, I recognize that a cap on spending may require a cut in defense spending as well. However, all programs must be on the table if we are going to avoid going down the same road many European nations are going down right now.

2:08 AM  

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