Monday, November 08, 2010

Too close to call?

Nope. Even though Charlie Wiggins still trails Richard Sanders by 3830 votes, he's close enough call it a win.

58% of the nearly quarter million votes still estimated to be outstanding are in the eight counties where Wiggins now holds a lead. He could underperform his results to date significantly and still come out ahead. He could, but that's unlikely. His performance has steadily improved in every return since election night.

It's not, of course, surprising that Wiggins would do well among late-deciding voters. The withdrawal of the Seattle Times' endorsement after an eleventh hour racial controversy over some Sanders' remarks mattered, I'm sure, but Goldy's right. The stage for that controversy was set by The Stranger's in-depth reporting on the campaign and Sanders' background.

None of which, of course, is to suggest that Wiggins' now inevitable victory is anything but well deserved. Our state will be a better place to live with a better Supreme Court, and Charlie Wiggins will make the Supreme Court better.

Congratulations to the Justice-elect.

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