Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sounds like a mandate to me.

Nancy wins. 150-43.

A Leader, indeed, for good times and bad.

I suppose it would be perversely entertaining to see Heath Schuler as Leader For A Day. I figure that's about how long it would take for the Republican noise machine to paint him as a rabid gay Marxist who, in his heart of hearts, really wants to take away your guns.

Demonizing our leadership with lies is what they do, no matter who we choose. It's about all they have.

If Brian Baird had run for re-election and somehow hung on, the vote would have been 150-44. As much as I want our majority back, I already don't miss Baird. He's bailing out of his district and moving in up the road from me with a pot full of campaign cash and an eye on a possible open seat coming up.

Sorry, Brian. Congressional seats hereabouts are for members of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. Come here if you like, but don't go there.

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