Friday, November 05, 2010

The Problem...

...according to Stephen Suh...
The problem is not that the GOP doesn't want to compromise. The problem is that the GOP doesn't want to govern.
Yep, that's a problem. I'm not sure it's the problem, 'cause there's a bunch of 'em, but it's central.

It's one of the reasons I keep saying...

Now if I can get a few more folks to listen...that's a problem, too.

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Blogger Don said...

I wonder why you want someone to govern you and tell you what to do?

The government was initially established to provide a means of settlement of disputes and to build, arm and manage a military base to protect our boarders. It was not built to tell us what to do, to feed us, cloth us, provide us with medical care, etc.

It was not created to be a business either. The people that were in our original government were farmers and business men who worked part time in that capacity, which is why the breaks are so long, and centered around farm needs. IF, and I say IF, we are to keep the government as it is now, we might as well make it a job and remove the long breaks and make them earn the large salaries they have, and their great benefits they don't pay for, and start making them PAY for those benefits!

I'm neither Republican nor Democrat, although I lean more towards the right than the left. I like neither side's agenda, but I also don't think we need such a large government in so much of our day to day business. Let them go back to managing disputes and protecting our boarders like they are supposed to be doing, and let us govern ourselves.

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