Monday, November 08, 2010

Good news…

…from the Daily Olympian:
Sen. Brown re-elected as Senate majority leader
Senate Democrats reported today that they re-elected Sen. Lisa Brown as majority leader. The longtime Spokane lawmaker will hold the position for a fourth two-year term.
Senator Brown is the strongest progressive voice in our Olympia leadership. Her Democratic majority, an apparent 27 out of 49 seats, will, of course, include my own personal State Senator, Maralyn Chase.

I'm counting on Senators Brown and Chase to make it clear to Governor Gregoire that the people who put them in their positions, as well as the people who put the Governor in hers, didn't do so for an "all cuts, no revenue" budget solution for the State Of Washington.

Times are tough. Tough times call for courage. Knowing that Senator Chase will be fighting for me and that Senator Brown will be leading the fight, I'm confident the courage won't be lacking in the State Senate.

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