Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm not a bigot, but…

…these are bigoted statements...
…whenever I see a Mexican wearing chinos and a white t-shirt, I check my car keys.

…whenever I see a Jew wearing a yarmulke, I check my wallet.

…whenever I see a black guy wearing warm-ups instead of Dockers, I stay between him and my woman.
Every bit as and no more bigoted than what Juan Williams said. The only real difference is that he meant what he said.

This is not about freedom of expression. He's as free to say what he said as I am to type this post. The New York Times, however, is not obliged to publish my snark and NPR is not obliged to broadcast Juan Williams' bigotry.

It's just commerce - Williams is no longer a brand that NPR chooses to feature. He's been a tough sell to a lot of the NPR customers for awhile anyway. He won't be much missed there. It'll be interesting to see how hard right he tacks as a full time FOX propagandist, though.

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