Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Worth repeating…

…though it's a shame it has to be said in the first place. James Vega...
If we want Nancy Pelosi to keep being the Speaker of the House, it ain't gonna happen because we sit at home and stew because the Democratic candidate in our district is too conservative for our tastes. You vote for whichever Democrat won the primary because that's how you support Nancy Pelosi and Alan Grayson and Al Franken and all the other Democrats who you do like. That's the meaning of strategic voting and critical support.
Of course, as a constituent of local liberal lion Jim McDermott, that's a pretty cost-free position for me to take. Jim hasn't always been my own personal Congressman, though, and my straight-ticket tendencies have led me to pull the handle, push the pin or fill the bubble for some less optimal D's over the years.

Sometimes you've just got to do what's got to be done.

These are some of those times.

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