Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And this, as well.

Chris Bowers...
If there is one message I would like to see come out of the 2010 elections, that would be it. Progressive save Democrats, while the tea party sinks the GOP.
Well, a quibble. Chris' meaning is clear enough, but in fact there is no "the" tea party.

But, yeah, me too, pretty much.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

The "media monster" that Norman Mailer said must always be fed has seized on the Tea Party movement with a fervor that rivals that of those in the movement itself. But then, that's because now with news being a "24/7" phenom - thanks Ted Turner - there's got to be something to talk about amongst those on camera.

The late political science professor Hugh Bone, who literally wrote the book on American politics and parties, would have been wryly amused. In the class from him which I took, back in the fall of 1976, he defined a party as having a range of candidates and having monies enough to elect them. So in a sense, while the Tea Party movement has no platform and nominating convention, it may come to that; if enough people don't get what they want this coming November.

The question persists, however, what exactly do they want other than the ambiguous taking back of "our country"? After all, some of these folks are the same ones who didn't want the government messing with their Medicare or Social Security.

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