Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So, what do we know?

With about 80% of the votes on hand counted and an unknown number of votes just arriving or yet to arrive, we don't know everything about the primary outcomes, but we know some things.

We know, for instance, that the anti-incumbent fever we've been hearing about all year hasn't spread to our state. Rick Larsen in the 2nd is the only Democratic member of Congress polling under 50% and even Larsen is leading his Palin-endorsed opponent. He also faced a couple of challengers from the left, and when they're rolled in the Democratic vote clears the 50% threshold handily.

On the Republican side, Dave Reichert's in a similar spot, under 50% with a couple of Republican challengers siphoning off another 10% or so. He'll face Democrat Suzan DelBene, whose 26% isn't an especially encouraging number against an incumbent so mediocre that he lost his traditional endorsement from the Seattle Times. Still, this isn't the General Election electorate, and the campaign's just been engaged. If her primary performance doesn't depress DelBene's fundraising too much, there's still a shot at a Democratic pickup in the 8th.

In the 3rd, Democrat Denny Heck will face off against Republican Jaime Herrera for the seat opened by Brian Bairds retirement. Heck leads in the vote totals, with about 30% in a crowded field. We have a fine candidate and a good chance to hold this one. There's work to do, but there's always work to do.

Locally, my own personal Congressman leads five other candidates (you can't really call them 'challengers,' can you?) with 78.87% percent of the vote. Apparently I'm not the only one who hearts my own personal Congressman.

More later on the US Senate and legislative races.

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