Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poll of the day.

Via Matt Yglesias

Since the "progressive" label has been adopted by folks ranging from the DLC to Dennis Kucinich to mean, well, anything they want it to mean, it's not surprising that folks would be confused about whether they are one.

Of course, as Yglesias points out, there's plenty of confusion about "liberal" and "conservative" as well, but I think that's based more on ignorance than the genuine puzzlement that attaches to "progressive."

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Theodore Roosevelt ran as a "progressive." This, of course, was after he'd broken from the Republican party, since his annointed heir, then President William Taft, had leaned that party so far into the arms of what were then generally called the trusts.

It's doubtful that given TR's jingoism and views on immigration, he'd be considered a "progressive" in today's political mileu.

But hey, Patrick Buchanan, the man ran as the candidate for what was left of the party that Ross Perot founded, was called a populist. So anything's possible.

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