Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maybe we can petition for reparations.

After all, if anyone's democracy needs a little repair these days, it's ours. Fixer...
Like I've said since I began blogging here (6 years so far), the War on Terror was won on 12 September 2001 by Al Qaeda. They managed to turn the United States into a cowardly, bankrupt, quivering gelatinous mass. In our quest for "safety", we've willingly given up our civil rights and given the government almost complete control over our lives. We've thrown away our money in two theaters of war and given the rest to billionaires and corporations, yet we can't help out the worst off among us.
Back in the day there was a patch popular among Vietnam vets that read 'Second Place - SE Asia War Games.' Time to whip up something like that for the WOT.

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