Thursday, July 01, 2010

It's been hard to resist…

…abandoning my general dislike for what the initiative system has become. Taxing the rich, legal pot and Costco vodka all have their appeal. Still, if that's what the people want, there's nothing in any of them that couldn't be accomplished by a more courageous and representative legislature, and an engaged electorate pressuring them to do the people's business as the people see fit. It's called "representative democracy" and I'm old-fashioned enough to think it's worth a try.

It's kind of reassuring, then, to see big oil lining up behind Tim Eyman's latest tax craziness. The Big Oil Initiative (that's what we're going to call it, right?) should be a big enough target for my hostility that even if I can't bring myself to wave the flag for the apparently good guys, I can leave 'em mostly alone.

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Blogger N in Seattle said...

With you all the way, Shaun. I&R is an awful way to write law, which is why I never sign an initiative or referendum petition. No matter how much I might support its intent.

I thought you were a native Washingtonian. Isn't slavish devotion to I&R spliced into the DNA of all babies born here?

PS. A heads-up -- I'm trying to put together a blog post about the Senate and its membership when Robert C. Byrd first graced its chamber. I hope I can complete it while the memory of Byrd is still fresh.

7:02 PM  

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