Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good question…

…from Jed Lewison.
Why did Carly Fiorina doubt Meg Whitman could handle Hannity?

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Back when one could still catch so-called FOX News on the screen at the Comcast booth at the Northgate mall, yours truly caught Sean Hannity debating Michael Moore one evening, for a half hour. They are friends; proving friends don't have to share the same politics.

It was the most thoughtful discussion I'd seen on television for decades. So when the former head of HP has doubts tht the former head of eBay could handle Sean Hannity, maybe she's saying that knowing how finances work within EXCEL doesn't qualify one to debate political ideology. It might also mean that she isn't ready to join Congress.

Of course, given some of the people who've been in Congress, and some who still are, maybe Meg Whitman would be an improvement. Sometimes, people surprise us. Consider David Souter on the Supreme Court - an unlikely civil libertarian, but one nonetheless.

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