Friday, June 04, 2010


Spanish for South Carolina?

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Back in the early part of the last decade, or the one now ending dependant upon your point of view, Senators McCain and Kyl asked for a Federal bailout, before the term was well known. Those senators asked for bail-outs of hospitals in Tucson and Phoenix, that were on the verge of complete bankruptcy, due to being overwhelmed with people from Mexico and points further south, who needed medical care; but had no money to pay.

To say that Arizona is akin to South Carolina, because one dickhead called the president a "raghead," is a cheap shot. Of course, there are more than a few rednecks in Arizona; just as there are more than a few in Washington state.

The current draconian law in Arizona was passed out of a sense of desperation and, admittedly, fear, because the people there don't know what to do anymore. President Calderon of Mexico would rather come to the United States to lecture our Congress, than get off his Harvard-educated ass and create jobs for his people.

But there's another factor, one that neither President Calderon nor
Obama want to confront: the failed War on Drugs. The President of Mexico is correct to blame Americans for buying cocaine and marijuana, drugs that fuel the carnage in border towns; and which has forced people in those towns, north into Arizona, to escape living in what are literally war zones. But the President of Mexico, who probably takes bribes from the drug cartels, needs to tell our president the facts: legalize those drugs, take the profit margins down, and maybe the people of Mexico might consider staying in their own country - at least those in the border towns.

But then, that would take real leadership, on both sides of the border.

Don't forget to sign I-1068, to help the cause in Washington state.

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