Sunday, May 09, 2010

Well, yeah...

Democracy needs informed people, Obama tells grads
...but you kinda gotta hope that they'd already heard long before lining up for their degrees. Long before they took that first 101 course, in fact. Seems like pretty basic stuff for "informed people."

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Sad to say, but the days of people taking Civics classes, or following politics and certainly economics, are long gone. Even in the midst of what seems akin to a depression, most people younger than 25 know more about who's winning on "American Idol," than how things are going in Afghanistan.

That would change if we had a truly universal draft; the type that Bobby Kennedy advocated which would mean everybody, who wasn't 4F, would go.

Never thought I'd advocate that, but no I do. If some of those people in Congress had kids in Iraq or Afghanistan, they might be more judicious about sending troops into the breach to defend the empire - or maybe not.

John McCain has - or had - a son in the Marines and one in the Navy (if memory serves). Look at his voting record on foreign affairs (and cringe).

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Correction and clarification: third paragraph, first sentence, should read, "... but now I do." Advocate a draft of all young Americans, that is.

I can't believe I do, but there it is. The theory is the more people have to go, the more anti-war sentiment will grow. It seemed to work that way, last time we had a draft.

10:32 PM  
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