Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good questions?

Cookie Jill's got a batch of 'em…
· why aren't we working on energy efficiency?
· why aren't we talking about our infrastructure's dependency upon oil?
· why are we so dependent upon the ooey gooey stuff?
· where are the "drill baby, drill" folks now?
· why is offshore drilling here in the u.s. not ok for the u.s. environmentalists but they are silent when the drilling is offshore in other countries? shouldn't we be concerned about their environment too?
· how much oil is required to ship food all over the united states?
· why is bp more powerful than the u.s?
· why are activists arrested but oil company executives are not?
· why aren't people being questioned about what they would be willing to give up to lessen our country's dependency upon oil?
…and "Because" isn't an answer.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Most Americans wouldn't be willing to give up anything to lessen the country's dependence upon petroleum. In fact, they seem, in their ignorance, to want more frivolous uses of it, despite the fact that we've built a transportation and (food, etc. )distribution system upon it (using trucks, especially Class 8 tractors).

Just look at those "crock" shoes, made out of a petroleum-based product, plastic. Some of us call them "crock" shoes because they are indeed a crock.

9:43 PM  

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