Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mean Mr. Mustard...

...made me laugh.

You know you are a teabagger when

Your dog rides in your truck, but your wife stays home and mixes ammonium nitrate.

You can remember the fertilizer, pellets and ammonium nitrate mixture ratios, but cannot recall your wife’s birthday.

You have stolen gravel from the county road to cover your AK -47 ground stash.

You shout down someone who is talking, because you believe they are trying to limit your freedom of speech.

You’ve used the same knife to whittle a shiv, and threaten your Congressman.

You have been asked to leave a yard sale.

You put the beatdown on your tattoo artist for spelling "MOM" backwards.

You hate government health care, and don’t want them to touch your Medicare.

The Rush Limbaugh show ended and you cried like John Boehner.

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