Tuesday, February 09, 2010


what Digby said. I ran across this while trying to find my own words to remember John Murtha...
He was a complicated political figure, but he will be remembered for something very brave: it's impossible to overestimate how important it was to have this conservative, ex-marine, super patriot Democrat step up on Iraq at a time when the country needed him. He led the way for the Democrats to finally find the courage to oppose Bush and I'm not sure it would have happened without him.

A fair and respectful comment on a man who could sometimes move past complicated to confounding.

Just one quibble. I was raised by and around Marines, and they'd all remind you that there are no ex-Marines. Otherwise, as usual, what Digby said.

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Anonymous Terry Parkhurst said...

Maybe there's an Iraqi war veteran out there who will come along, in attempt to fill John Murtha's shoes.

The thing about people who've been in the Corps is they aren't prone to complaining. Everyone I've known are people you can depend upon in a jam.

There's a guy named Larry, in my neighborhood, who told me he was in the Corps - yet, of course, remains a Marine - last Veteran's Day. He was shot, clean through, three times in Vietnam. Yet, I see him walking his two little Shelties, day in and day out.

When I told him, on that last Veteran's Day, I was in the Navy, he gave me a quick hug. Larry saw a lot more horror, than I ever did, being stationed as I was at a Navy air base in El Centro, California.

But all who serve are brothers and sisters, for the rest of our lives. With the passing of Big John Murtha, we have lost a father.

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