Thursday, January 21, 2010

From the "Seems to me…." file.

A lot's been said lately about honoring the memory and legacy of Senator Kennedy. Seems to me the best way to do that now would be for the House to suck it up and pass Senate bill .

It's just a step, but a step beats a stumble. We're going to end up fixing the damn thing every year for years to come, anyway. You've gotta start somewhere.

When the Speaker says she hasn't got the votes "at this time," she could be saying "get me the votes." I'd like to think so, anyway. It's time to call your Democratic Member of Congress and tell them to get the one thing done that we know we can do.

Ordinarily I'd trust my own personal Congressman to do the right thing on health care issues, but I'm sure there are elements of the Senate bill that give Jim McDermott cause - arguably good cause - for pause, so I'll be calling his office to encourage him to secure what will be a hard earned, if not difinitive, in a battle that has very much been the cause of his life as much as it was of Kennedy's.

Call and encourage your Congressmember to declare victory, too.

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