Tuesday, January 05, 2010

From the "Reports of our death…" file.

Chris Cillizza looks at some actual names and numbers and finds that, actually...
...talk of a doomsday scenario for House Democrats simply hasn't materialized yet. Are they likely headed to double-digit losses come November? Yes. But, talk of a switch in House control is, at least at this point, premature.
The actual names and numbers...
Republican Open Seats (14)

Delaware's at-large (Obama 62 percent)
California's 19th (McCain 52 percent)
Florida's 12th (McCain 50 percent)
Georgia's 9th (McCain 75 percent)
Illinois' 10th (Obama 61 percent)
Kansas' 1st (McCain 69 percent)
Kansas' 4th (McCain 58 percent)
Michigan's 2nd (McCain 51 percent)
Missouri's 7th (McCain 63 percent)
Oklahoma's 5th (McCain 59 percent)
Pennsylvania's 6th (Obama 58 percent)
South Carolina's 1st (McCain 56 percent)
South Carolina's 3rd (McCain 64 percent)
Tennessee's 3rd (McCain 62 percent)

Democratic Open Seats (10)

Alabama's 7th (Obama 74 percent)
Florida's 17th (Obama 87 percent)
Hawaii's 1st (Obama 70 percent)
Kansas' 3rd (Obama 51 percent)
Louisiana's 3rd (McCain 61 percent)
New Hampshire's 2nd (Obama 56 percent)
Pennsylvania's 7th (Obama 56 percent)
Tennessee's 6th (McCain 62 percent)
Tennessee's 8th (McCain 56 percent)
Washington's 3rd (Obama 53 percent)
Hard to find the good news for President McCain's party in there.

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Blogger Carl said...

I know we're having a tough time recruiting, and history is against the incumbent party, but I'm not sure at all that we're going to lose many seats in the House. Republicans are, you know, nuts. Not to mention still unpopular. The more people come to realize that they haven't changed, the less they'll vote for them. Hopefully the economy will be turning around, jobs numbers will be better, and more people will have health care. There's still a lot of work to do, of course, but if I had to bet today, I'd say we lose less than 10 seats.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Shaun said...

I'm thinking less than 20, but I hope you're closer. I'm afraid we may be down to 57 or 58 Senators, though.

8:59 PM  

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